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by casecash on April 15, 2010

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While the actual process of applying for lawsuit funding from a lawsuit funding company is relatively simple, finding a reputable company in the sea of lenders currently on the market can be a bit more difficult.  Educating yourself on a few important basic elements of the loan itself, as well as the lending process can help you narrow down your choices in as little as five minutes.


Why lawsuit funding is Becoming Popular

To begin, you should first understand exactly how a lawsuit funding company can help you and why this type of lending is becoming so popular.  The main reason for this is because these lenders can provide funds to anyone involved in an active legal case prior to the case actually being settled.  That means you can use the money today to help pay all sorts of bills and expenses, and not have to worry about bills piling up or the threat of repossession or foreclosure.  This can be very comforting to a person who is no longer able to work and earn a source of income. 

Lawsuit Funding Company Should Be Independent

A lawsuit funding company is an independent lending party, which provides the cash directly to the plaintiff.  There are no banks to contend with, and no conflict of interest from seeking a loan from the attorney handling the case.

Loans Are Non Recourse

The lawsuit finance company provides the funds to the plaintiff in a cash advance fashion set up in the form on a non-recourse loan, meaning the funds only have to be repaid when the lawsuit is settled.  If for any reason the case is not settled or the plaintiff does not win, there are no fees and no repayment required.  This makes the loan much different from traditional types of loans or other sources of funding that require a repayment schedule regardless of the outcome.  In other words, the funding company bears all of the risk of the loan. 

  • There are no monthly payment schedules,
  • no references or credit checks needed, and
  • no need to put up any other form of collateral other than the lawsuit to be approved.

Where So You Find a Lawsuit Fudning Company?

So, now that you have a better idea what a lawsuit funding company does, and how a lawsuit loan works, how do you go about finding a good company to lend you the money you need?  A good place to start your search is the internet.  Take your time and complete a simple search in order to gain a bit of basic information.  This will help you to learn more about the companies, how they lend, and what their specific terms are.  Once you find a few companies that seem like they would be a good fit, make a list and begin to contact them by phone or email to get as much information as you possibly can before agreeing to anything.

Negotiate the Best Deal

The information you should gather includes their rates and fees.  If you have found a good deal with another company, but would prefer to deal with someone else, or a lawsuit funding company that is more local, do not be afraid to negotiate a better deal.  You want to negotiate the best possible rate, and most lenders are quite open to negotiating with you to get your business.  Remember, your loan is going to be based upon the strength of your case, so use that to your advantage and if you do not feel comfortable or cannot reach terms that work best for you, walk away and take your case to a lender that is more suitable to your needs. 

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